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Ulica 111 Nova, 31
11060 Belgrade
Phone in Serbia+381-11-2790136
Phone in Germany+49-89-61079488
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Every company talks about being committed to their customers and how customer support is their #1 priority; yet how many of us have actually experienced this with the vendors we deal with on a day to day basis? Hankos.Net backs up the talk with action, providing some of the best support in the industry.

Our customer-focused approach to support is quite honestly the primary reason we have grown to where we are today. It's quite simple - we treat our customers the same way we hope to be treated when we make a support request with one of our vendors. The "golden rule" you might say!

As a Hankos.Net customer, you are guaranteed true 24x7 monitoring of all the components that make up your Web site (your network connectivity, applications, and servers) by a dedicated staff of professionals.

Getting Support:

E-Mail requests should be sent to: support@hankos.net. You also have the possibility to fill up our contact form. Please be sure to include your domain name and/or customer number so we know to which account the e-mail pertains. This helps us serve you as efficiently as possible.

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