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Internet Marketing

M2In the very beginning of Internet, having a web site presentation was sufficient to attract visitors. Today, however, as more and more companies are positioning themselves on the Web, it is increasingly difficult to communicate with your visitors / clients. Having a web site today is neither enough to attract significant sales nor to attract attention of your potential clients.

Hankos.Net can maximize the efficiency of your Internet activities. We seriously take into account every aspect of web marketing that will yield a high return on your investment. With minimum investment,  Hankos.Net will increase the number of visitors to your web site presentation and turn the visitors into clients.

Scope of services marketing solutions for your business, services or products. Our team of professionals will create and implement each aspect of our Internet promotion leaving you to what you know best  your business.

Below listed are our web marketing services but also phases of each of our projects.


Analyzing your plan or idea and its sustainability within your business.

User-friendliness of your Website

Identifying all changes that need to be made to your web site to enable simple usage. Systematical analysis of various scenarios to create a user-friendly web site. Minimizing confusion of the visitor.

Marketing & products / services description

Clear communication with the visitor with the goal of increasing sales.

Comparative analysis

A rapid analysis compared to competition on the market.


Pay-per-Click is one of the most efficient marketing tools on the Internet. Hankos.Net will create and promote a campaign that will allow you to control the costs while manipulating the increase in sales andthe number of visitors to your site.

E-mail & Newsletter marketing

Planned dispatch of efficient e-mail messages and newsletters that will increase the number of visitors to your website or business premises as well as maintain good relations with your consumers at a low cost.

Search Engine strategy

Good ranking with search engines brings a huge number of visitors to your web site presentation. Our team will improve your ranking and set you above the competition.

We are opened to your ideas and suggestions with regards to various marketing strategies in addition to above in order to help you succeed in your Internet business.

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