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Web Server Dedicated

M2The final level in hosting; our Dedicated Web offering with integrated server management sets new grounds in the professional Webhosting industry. Our LINUX Servers are "ready to run", which means that the servers are preinstalled and administered by our staff.

That is at your advantage: you do not need to worry about administrative and maintenance tasks and can concentrate on the advancement of your business and internet presence.

Our Web Server Dedicated packages support several features such as SSI, CGI, MySQL, PHP5, Python, Perl and SSL. Every server has it's own dedicated IP Address.

We also include a Thawte SSL Certificate with this package so that all communications between the client and server remain encrypted if required. This is the ideal solution to store senstive data such as Addresses, Credit Card numbers or any other data that needs to be secured.


Memory (RAM)3'000 MB5'000 MB10'000 MB
Domains1 GB1 GB1 GB
Hard Disk (RAID 1)3005001'000
PHP 5, Perl, PythonYESYESYES
Monthly rate14.90 €*24.90 €*39.90 €*
*Setup Fees: Equal to 1 month's payment

Maintenance & Monitoring 24*7*365

We will of course maintain the hardware, the base operating system. Maintaining backups of your data (any Hankos.Net backup made for internal purposes is not archived unless you subscribe to one of our backup services).

We will monitor ports 80 (HTTP) and 21 (FTP) at no additional charge to you. Our management and monitoring software will actually restart your server most of the time in the event of a crash, without the need for human intervention. Even so, we'll still be notified via e-mail and eventually pager if your server is down for any extended period of time. Assistance in determining the cause of the crash will be billed at our standard support rate.

How do I obtain support?

Customers on our Lotus Domino servers may obtain support by e-mailing support@hankos.net or by filling up our contact form.  

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