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Managed E-Mail Hosting

Hankos.net offers two types of managed email solutions for our Lotus Domino customers, providing the flexibility required to serve your needs. See below for a comparison and explanation of each system.

Notes/Domino based E-Mail

As an a Our primary email solution uses standard Notes databases created from mail templates on a Domino server. These databases are widely used by our customers around the globe and include many standard features:

  • Personal Time Management
  • Meeting & Appointment Scheduling  
  • Work Delegation  
  • Desktop Calendaring  
  • Customizable Interface  
  • Configurable Mail Rules

In order to improve reliability and performance, mail databases are not hosted on Domino servers running other applications. We run dedicated mail servers, which increases uptime and provides better segmentation of our services.

Notes Mail S M L
Disc Space 100 MB  250 MB  500 MB 
Price   19.90 € / Mo*   24.90 € / Mo*   34.90 € / Mo*

* Setup fee: 49.-- € including Postini* activation.

Postini* Anti-spam/Anti-virus is now added for all our Lotus Domino Shared customers.

Please keep in mind that you're required to have at least a Domino Messaging client access license from IBM. You can contact us if you need to purchase software licenses from Hankos.net.

POP3/IMAP/WebMail (non-notes)

As an alternative to a purely Notes based solution, we also provide UNIX based email accounts. Although these accounts do not offer some of the features you will find with a Notes mail database, those interested in a solid platform for basic sending & receiving of email will be very pleased with this offering:

POP3 / IMAP / Web Mail S M L
Disc Space 100 MB  250 MB  500 MB 
Price   9.90 €*   16.90 €*   24.90 €*

* Setup fee: 49.-- € including Postini* activation.

Our Unix based e-mail system does not require any additional client licensing for your users.

Postini* Anti-spam/Anti-virus is now added for all our POP3/IMAP/WebMail customers.

*Postini is the industry leader in e-mail security, and we are proud to partner with them to extend their services to our customers. Postini will filter spam out of your e-mail, and also integrates with the McAfee virus scanning engine, so messages containing viruses are quarantined before they ever reach your inbox

If you have any questions about either of these services feel free to contact us. We will be glad to answer your questions and set you up with a package that is appropriate for your needs.  

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