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Lotus Domino Partitioned

M2On a Lotus Domino Partitioned server you have your own instance of the Domino server software, but you are on a physical server that has other Domino server instances running. You have your own unique Notes domain and your users are certified in an organizational unit of your choosing (i.e. "/Your Company").

Unlike the Lotus Domino Shared platform, you can run both restricted and unrestricted agents. From a purely Domino standpoint, a partitioned production server is just like having a completely dedicated Domino server - you simply share the hardware with a limited number of other customers. The only restriction compared to a dedicated server is you do not have direct access to the base operating system and you cannot install third party programs on the server.

Domino Partitioned servers are entry level environments for production level applications and websites. They are designed for applications that have completed development and testing and are ready for full time use. These partitioned servers offer superior uptime, reliability and performance when compared to a Domino Shared server.

Internet Domain51020
Hard Disk2 GB5 GB10 GB
Bandwidth2 GB5 GB20 GB
Server Tasks358
Agent Manager124
Dedicated SSL199.90 €199.90 €199.90 €
Messaging Server Price199.90 €/mo.299.90 €/mo.399.90 €/mo.
Enterprise Server Price299.90 €/mo.399.90 €/mo.499.90 €/mo.
Utility Server Price549.90 €/mo.649.90 €/mo.749.90 €/mo.
*Setup Fees: Equal to 1 month's payment

Overquota Charges

  • Dedicated SSL € 199.--
  • Disk Space - € 0.50 / MB / month     
  • Data Transfer - € 0.05 / MB / month  
  • Additional Internet Domains - € 5.--  / Domain / month   
  • Additional Agent Managers - € 50.-- / Agent Manager / month   
  • Additional Server Tasks - € 80.-- / Server Task / month

Domino Messaging Server

Starting at € 199.90 / month!

The Domino Messaging Server supports full use of the IBM Lotus Domino e-mail functionality including e-mail, calendaring, scheduling and collaborative applications such as the discussion forum, document library and any templates that come standard with the Domino server. This server does not include an entitlement to run Domino applications, so standard application hosting is not allowed. The Messaging Server is licensed in the traditional user-based client-server model, where customers purchase a client access license (CAL) for each authenticated user of the server.

SUMMARY: Mail only, applications not allowed, individual licenses required.

Domino Enterprise Server

Starting at € 299.90 / month!

The Domino Enterprise Server supports custom applications created "in house" by customers and Business Partners. It also includes clustering capabilities for high-availability implementations. Like the Domino Messaging Server, customers purchase a CAL for each authenticated user of the server. Although you can use mail (minimum 2 additional server tasks) with the Domino Enterprise server, Hankos.NET highly suggests the purchase of a separate Domino Messaging Server partition. Separating your mail server from your application server is always a good practice and leads to better reliability and uptime. We'll also give you 10% off your mail server partition if you add that on top of an Enterprise partition!

SUMMARY: Applications only, mail allowed (but not recommended), individual licenses required.

Domino Utility Server

Starting at € 499.90 / month!
The Domino Utility Server allows access to custom Domino applications like the Enterprise Server, but it does not require any individual user licenses for those accessing via a web browser. The server may be accessed by users both inside the corporate firewall, or external on the Internet or Extranet. This means you can have as many authenticated users accessing the server as you wish without the requirement to track their licenses! The Utility Server includes clustering capabilities for high-availability implementations. Because of the no CAL required feature, this server normally does not allow for any e-mail usage; however Hankos.NET has added a Messaging Server license to our Utility Server offering, so you have full application hosting and e-mail functionality.

As with the Enterprise partition, we recommend that you separate your mail server from your application hosting server, so we'll give you 10% off your mail server partition if you add that on top of a Utility partition!

SUMMARY: Applications only, mail allowed (but not recommended), no individual licenses required (unlimited web users!).

What is the "Servertasks" limit in the pricing table?

Servertasks are those tasks that run on the Domino server, like SMTP, IMAP, HTTP, ROUTER, etc. They provide different services and enabled your server to perform different functions. The more tasks you run, the more resources you use on the server, contributing to the overall load of the server. Available servertasks include among others:
  • Router 
  • POP3 
  • SMTP 
  • IMAP 
  • Report
  • Web 
  • Stats 
  • Sched 
  • HTTP
  • Dircat 
  • Billing 
  • LDAP 
  • Replica

How is disk space calculated?

Disk space calculation includes all data in your partition, including help files, transaction logs, Domino console logs, HTML logs, etc. This means you will not have the full allocation of disk space available for your own files and databases.

Maintenance & Monitoring 24*7*365

We will of course maintain the hardware, the base operating system and the Domino Installation. Like our other hosting packages we will administer the databases and e-mail system as per request.  Maintaining backups of your data (any Hankos.Net backup made for internal purposes is not archived unless you subscribe to one of our backup services).

We will monitor ports 80 (HTTP) and 1352 (Notes) at no additional charge to you. Our management and monitoring software will actually restart your server most of the time in the event of a crash, without the need for human intervention. Even so, we'll still be notified via e-mail and eventually pager if your server is down for any extended period of time. Assistance in determining the cause of the crash will be billed at our standard support rate.

How do I obtain support?

Customers on our Lotus Domino servers may obtain support by e-mailing support@hankos.net or by filling up our contact form.  

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