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Lotus Notes/Domino

Whether you want a timesheet system, a customer relationship management system, a couple of forms to register all enquiries, or whatever... if it is to be built on Lotus Notes we can do it.

Hankos.Net has been offering Lotus Domino solutions for over 10 years. During this time we've acquainted to the best practices of IBM software, to deliver professional services to our customers.

We consult with our clients to assess which solution is best for them and if Domino is the answer, we integrate Domino with customer's existing infrastructure, develop custom applications if needed and maintain the new software infrastructure afterwards.

As not everyone needs the whole range of our services, at least not from the beginning, we segmented Lotus Domino services into:

Lotus Domino Consulting

Consultancy services are offered by our best Lotus Notes/Domino Consultants with more than ten years experience in the IT/Domino field and at least five years experience in other business fields, so the solution proposed will perfectly fit your needs.

Leveraging the value of your existing or new Domino platform can only be done by running the best software on it.

Our Software Services for Lotus is ready to successfully design, implement, and deploy Lotus solutions that produce quick results and return on investment (ROI).

Lotus Domino Development

Our team has been working with Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino since version 4. We have undertaken application development and integration projects with every subsequent version, right up to the recent release of version 8.

Hankos.Net provides high-quality development services for a wide range of applications:
  • Lotus Notes/Domino 8 development  
  • Design/development of large highly-scalable Lotus Notes/Domino applications 
  • Maintenance and support of Lotus Notes applications 
  • Custom reporting for Lotus Domino applications, integration with MS-Office 
  • Web applications development, Portalization  
  • Mobile access solutions  
  • Collaboration and Workflow solutions  
  • Integration with Web Services, WebSphere, XML, LEI, DCR, DECS, ODBC, RDBMS and more 
  • Smart coding with LotusScript, Formula Language, XSLT, JavaScript and Java 
  • Conversions and Migrations  
  • Architecture, Performance Tuning and Security 
  • Integrating MS Office with Lotus Notes applications.
  • Integration of Google map services in various applications that need global positioning display

We take pride in having extensive skills and experience with the Apple Macintosh Platform since the very beginning (1984), all our Lotus Notes application development are platform independent. We will never develop Lotus Notes Solutions using specific Microsoft Windows technologies such as .dll or Active-X. We undertake extensive tests of your Lotus Notes application on both platforms (Windows & Mac OS X) before launch.

Custom Application Development functional areas include:
  • Content Management Solution Development  
  • HR Applications  
  • Communication Tracking / Management  
  • eCommerce
  • Wireless applications
  • Workflow Management  
  • Portals / Intranets / Client Extranets
  • CRM / SFA / ERM / PRM (Relationship Management) 
  • Law Practice Management Software  
  • Real Estate Management Software

Lotus Domino Application Management and Help Desk

Enjoy the benefits of Lotus Domino solutions without the headaches of administration and without the overhead of Lotus Domino staff in your company. Hankos.Net can manage your Lotus Domino applications and provide help desk services to your employees. Our management services include:
  • Lotus Domino Application Management and Help Desk 
  • Lotus Domino Server setup  
  • Lotus Domino Server performance tuning  
  • Lotus Domino Server upgrades/migrations

For more information, please contact us through e-mail sales@hankos.net or by fill up our contact form.  

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